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The Gnostic Teachings podcast includes lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more.

This podcast is a free public service produced by Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization, and made possible by the donations of those who have recognized the value of these teachings and who wanted to share them with you.

Mar 9, 2013

The sixth lecture about the Bhavachakra explains what real spiritual birth is and how it is acheived. Every form of birth is created by sex, including spiritual birth. The birth of a buddha ("awakened one") can happen by the grace of the Divine Mother (Maya). Learn about the seven steps of the child Buddha, the rice-milk brought by Sujata, the ficus (fig) tree, upright sexuality, and much more.

"Difficult to obtain is the conception of men, 
Difficult is the life of mortals, 
Difficult is the hearing of the True Law, 
Difficult is the birth of the Awakened. - Dhammapada 14:182

Read the lecture transcription.