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The Glorian podcast includes lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more.

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Dec 4, 2010

The Rune Jera reveals the mystery of the relationship of duality and trinity.

"The Tao manifests its power through the three treasures of the light, namely: Shen, Chi and Jing, which are the three principles of the universe. The three treasures of the light manifest in the Heavens, in the Earth, and in the Human Being. Each of them contains their own three treasures of the light. The three treasures of Heaven are the stars (Shen - Atziluth), the sun (Chi - Briah), and the moon (Jing - Yetzirah). The three treasures of Earth (Assiah - Pritvi) are: air (Shen - Vayu) water (Chi - Apas) and fire (Jing - Tejas). The three treasures in the Human Being are intellectual Brain (Shen), Emotional Brain (Chi) and Motor-Instinctual-Sexual Brain (Jing)."

This is a lecture from the free online course The Runes

Course Description:

Dive deep into the primordial structures hidden in all languages and cultures. The Runes are circuits for energy. The Runes are inside every sacred letter, every spiritual motion, and every path to God.

This free online course demonstrates the incredible ubiquity and depth of the Runic letters, with special attention on the Aztec Calendar and many runes that previously have not been explained. Includes instructions for many practical exercises.

"The language of the Protoplasmic Root Race was the Word of Gold, a universal and cosmic language whose combinations of sounds produced cosmic phenomena of all kinds. Those who follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony come to discover that primeval language again within themselves. When the sacred fire reaches the level of the throat, we then begin to speak in the very pure rising of the divine language, which like a river of gold delightfully flows through the dense sunny jungle. The cosmic laws of Nature were taught to the Gods by their inner Fathers by chanting in this language. The script of the First Root Race was with the Runes. The mallet of Masonry comes from the arrow of the Egyptian God Ra, and this is a Rune. In that epoch, the rituals of the Polar Temple were all runic. The movements of the officials were runic. This is the Divine Script. Let us remember that the Swastika is a Rune. The Hebrew letters are but modifications of runic letters." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

This free online course was originally given as a series of live non-scripted lectures on Gnostic Radio.