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The Glorian podcast includes lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more.

This podcast is a free public service produced by Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization, and made possible by the donations of those who have recognized the value of these teachings and who wanted to share them with you.

Mar 13, 2021

Ego Death is an essential aspect of spiritual work. Explains various ways the term ‘ego’ is used and how it must be understood in terms of the spiritual and psychological work. Provides practical method and advice on how to eliminate the ego.

Concludes with a brief meditation on the ego.

Topics include:

  • The ego in terms of: Freudian, popular psychology, and religion.
  • Ego Dystonic and Ego Syntonic states.
  • “Our Personal Algorithm”
  • How the ego relates to the Spirit, Soul, and Body
  • Afflictions and Cognitive Obscurations
  • Ego vs Consciousness
  • Temporary Liberation and Final Liberation
  • Steps of Ego Death: Observation, Comprehension, Elimination
  • Ego Death and Psychedelics