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The Glorian podcast includes lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more.

This podcast is a free public service produced by Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization, and made possible by the donations of those who have recognized the value of these teachings and who wanted to share them with you.

Jun 10, 2013

The Tree of Life described by Moses is a symbol of Kabbalah that represents the structure of the universe and the structure of the human being. By knowing the basics of the Tree of Life, anyone can understand the hidden knowledge in the scriptures of any religion, especially Judaism and Christianity, which are entirely based on Kabbalistic principles. This lecture explains the basics of the Tree of Life and its ten sephiroth, and how they relate to us.

This the first of two lectures. Recorded as a live, unscripted lecture at the Gnostic Retreat England 2013.